Ingrid Munro is the Founder of Jamii Bora Trust. Jamii Bora means “good families”. Ingrid and those she serves chose this name to declare to the world the inherent worth, dignity, and goodness of the poorest of the poor in the slums and rural areas of Kenya. A fearless advocate for the underserved, Ingrid and her organization have been providing micro-finance programs over the last 35 years to the poor in urban and rural Kenya, by empowering families with ladders to climb out of poverty.

Meet Everlyn Liaka a widow and a recipient of Micro-loans from Jamii Bora "who never gives up".

Everlyne Liaka is a 48 years old widow who lost her husband thirteen years ago. She is from a rural place in Kakamega  Western part of Kenya. Everlyne lives in one of Nairobi’s poorest slum -Mathare area with her 6 children. Life has been difficult for Everlyn's family especially during our current Covid-19 pandemic situation. Situation for her got worse when she fell sick in June this year and was admitted at a local hospital for a month due to diabetes complications. As a widow, she was worried about who would take care of her children if she died. “I have seen God with my naked eyes. I thought I would never leave the hospital alive,”  says Everlyn.

Having no one to assist her, she sought to revive her small business selling food that she prepares at home and sells on the road side to earn income. Everlyne is also skilled at making mats, hard working and committed to climb from poverty but lack capital to help boost her business. Through the work of our partner organization Jamii Bora, she received a loan of 2,000 Kenya Shillings (equivalent to 18.6 U.S. dollars) a gesture she wasn’t expecting.

“I was overjoyed and so happy. Getting someone to remember you during these hard times is a real miracle. But in my case I felt it was even more than a miracle.” Everlyn says.

Everylne vows to be focused. Each week she wants to manages a different objective. “In one week, I want to earn money for the house rent, another week earn school fees and in another week concentrate on repaying my loan. I believe this is all possible,” she says.

Her plan is to work harder make good credit to be able to shift to the business of buying bales of used clothes to trade in. “I am determined to rise up and climb to a better life,” she concludes.

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